The Non-Coronavirus Travel Insurance Policy

by Olivia Newman
coronavirus travel companies

Travelling out of the UK? You may want to reconsider as countries get moved from green to red, and travel insurance companies are unlikely to keep you covered against coronavirus.

coronavirus travel companies

Lockdown continues. | © Matt Seymour

The UK’s delay at getting back to normal

As the UK announced a change of plans and a delay in the full easing of restrictions, the aviation industry looks to another four weeks without any real changes to the sector. International travel has resumed, but at a very slow and restrictive pace, and contrary to what airlines and airports want. The UK government have announced that things won’t change properly, until the 19th of July. It may not seem a long delay for some individuals, but in the travel industry, companies face further financial crisis.

coronavirus travel companies

Travellers put off by travel. | © Matteo Jorjoson

The coronavirus cover

On top of quarantines, testing and countries being green one minute and moved to red the next, those who looking to travel also face other risky factors if they choose to go away.

Less than one in a hundred travel insurance policies provide complete coronavirus cover. Research found that only two policies out of over 250 gave travellers complete reassurance when it came to coronavirus. That meant anything COVID-19 related – cancellations, medical issues, a change of plans – would not be covered by the insurance companies. Ultimately, any disruptions that are coronavirus related will not require a pay out from a travellers’ insurance policy.

coronavirus travel companies

UK airports struggling. | © Nick Fewings

Last minute changes

Recently, those who had to rush back from Portugal due to it becoming ‘amber’, probably weren’t eligible for payouts from their travel insurance companies.

With flight plans changing and restrictions being lifted and put back on again, it’s clear to see why travellers are hesitant to go abroad during these current times. It seems we will have to wait to see how things go in July.

Will you be travelling this year? Let us know in the comments below!

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