A few weeks back I boarded a Delta A220 for the first time. This is Delta’s newest product that serves their short to medium haul market out of New York’s La Guardia airport.


I promised in my last Delta review when I flew their 757 comfort plus product that this time around I’d bring you a review of Delta’s sky Lounge. I wasn’t able to visit the sky lounge on this flight but I did just recently fly Delta again out of Boston and was able to utilize the sky lounge that Delta provides in Terminal A. You can see my review below.


So my flight on the A220 wasn’t originally planned. I was originally booked on the older 717-200 to La Guardia on that particular morning but due to a delay and a meeting I needed to catch I was rebooked onto the A220. Delta handled my problem in a swift and reasonable manner that allowed me to ultimately get to my meeting later that day.


As you know from my previous Delta reports, Delta operates out of terminal A at Boston’s Logan airport. They’re currently in the process of taking over all terminal A gates as soon as Southwest makes the switch to terminal B. My flight was scheduled to depart at 6:30 this morning so I had arrived around roughly 5:00 am to take my place in the morning rush security line. To my surprise I was only in line for around 20 mins before making it through. As I arrived to my gate I noticed a line of people at the counter and upon a further look I noticed my flight was delayed until 7:50. A whole hour and twenty minutes which meant I wouldn’t make my connection in New York as it departed at 8:30. I decided to take my place in line to see if I could work something out to possibly get to New York faster or even to Atlanta. Unfortunately the only option available was a 7:30 departure which turned out to be on the A220. After getting to my new gate I realized the aircraft wasn’t waiting on stand. Turns out it was still in New York due to storms in the northeast. After a short walk to find some breakfast I returned to the gate where our A220 eventually met us. Boarding started quite quickly as we had already been delayed a few minutes.

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As we boarded and I found my way to my seat the one thing I noticed right away was the fact that the overhead bins were noticeably larger. They allowed for all passengers to use the overhead bins on this completely full flight. Another huge change to the cabin came from the windows. They were massive. Probably twice the size of my hands and provided for an amazing view when arriving into New York.


Not much change came to the seats onboard, in fact they were the same seats Delta currently offers on other aircraft with slim leather, adjustable headrests, power outlets on the tv screen and a wide variety of choices on the IFE system.


Drinks and snacks were provided shortly after takeoff and were similar to the ones provided on my other Delta flights. Cheez it’s,Cookies,Crakers,a variety of soft drinks, and juices.


Before I knew it we were descending into a very cloudy New York. We landed on time but due to the layout of La Guardia it makes it hard to make it to your gate in a timely manner. So this took up about 25 mins of our time before we finally made it into our gate.


Some highlights of my flight on the new A220 include the space inside of the cabin. We had a generous amount of room despite being a short haul aircraft. The seats were comfortable and the legroom was spacious. Another fantastic aspect was the size of the overhead bins and windows. This made it easy to place items in without impending on others space. The windows made for amazing views but on sunny days could be a problem with sunlight coming into the cabin.


On to the lounge… The Delta sky lounge in Boston is about average to below average. This is my first trip to a sky lounge but after searching for pictures of other sky lounges I was able to gain a good understanding of what I should expect. It featured lounge seating in front of a single flat screen tv and a breakfast bar with a variety of fruits and bagels to choose from. It also offered a self coffee and water station next to the bar. I’m guessing in the afternoon the bar opens for a wider variety of drink options. The lounge also offered free power outlets at all seating and tables to leave plates and glasses for eating. Overall it was a decent lounge experience for my first time and I look forward to trying out the other Delta sky lounges around the country when I have the time.


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