A Taban Air McDonnell Douglas MD-88 has approached the wrong airfield and conducted a very low go-around.

Registered EP-TBC, the aircraft was performing flight HH-6225 from Mashhad to Karaj (Iran) with 150 passengers and 7 crew, was being vectored for an approach to Karaj’s runway 30. Tehran Mehrabad Approach had provided vectors to the Intermediate Fix when the crew reported the runway in sight. They then requested a visual approach and were cleared for the visual approach.

The crew, however, had identified another private aerodrome, the Faht Aerodrome short of Karaj, and were on approach to their runway 31L when the crew decided to go around due to being too high for the approach. The crew positioned for another approach and descended towards Fath’s runway 31L again. But the crew realized they were at the wrong aerodrome and initiated a go-around from a very low height. The lowest point is about 1 meter/3 feet above the ground. The aircraft climbed out, positioned for a correct approach and finally landed on Karaj’s runway 30.

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The MD88’s Flightpath (©GA Group, Flight Radar24, Google Earth)

Iran’s CAO has opened an investigation into the occurrence rated a serious incident.

Karaj Airport, also known as Payam International Airport, is located about 23.8nm west of Tehran Mehrabad. Fath airport about 5.5nm short of Karaj’s runway 30 threshold. Karaj’s runway 30 is 12,000 feet / 3,660 meters long, Fath Airport’s runway 31L is 3300 feet / 1000 meters long.


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