A Cathay Pacific Boeing 777-300ER has had to reject its takeoff roll in Toronto

The 777, B-KQB, was performing flight CX-829 from Toronto, ON (Canada) to Hong Kong (China), was accelerating for takeoff from Toronto’s runway 23 when the crew rejected takeoff at low-speed reporting they believed a tyre problem. Tower advised he believed something flew away from the left-hand side of the aircraft. Another flight crew near runway 23 reported they believed it was a compressor stall (engine GE90) on the left-hand side, tower replied he thought something like this too. The Boeing 777 vacated the runway onto runway 15L about 680 meters down runway 23. A runway 23 inspection did not find any debris on the runway. The aircraft returned to the apron.

The occurrence aircraft remained on the ground for about 41 hours, then departed for the flight CX-829D to Hong Kong.

GE90 115B - Travel Radar - Aviation News
A passenger reported he watched the takeoff on his monitor of the in-flight entertainment system. He heard a loud bang about estimated 15 seconds after the takeoff began, a small white flash occurred at the left-hand side of the screen, the aircraft jolted slightly to the left, the brakes came on and the aircraft stopped about 10 seconds later. The aircraft remained on the runway (editorial note: on runway 15L) for about 15 minutes, then taxied to the apron.


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