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Airbus A320neo | © Swiss International Air Lines

Swiss International Airlines (SWISS) has recently started a new buy-on-board concept in partnership with Too Good To Go, a platform connecting restaurants, stores and customers, selling surplus perishable goods which would otherwise go to waste.

The goal of this collaboration is to reduce food waste on board through offering unsold fresh products for a lower price.

SWISS Airbus A220
SWISS trials sustainable buy-on-board concept | © Swiss International Air Lines

A commitment to sustainability

SWISS’s new buy-on-board concept consists simply on handing out, towards the end of the flight, the unsold fresh products. Their availability will be communicated by the cabin crew and passengers can receive bags with one, two or three products inside, without knowing their content in advance. The products will cost around one third of their regular price.

On a recent press release, SWISS has stated that its effort on reducing food waste on board has always been very high, trying to adjust the flights’ catering supplies to the passenger demand as accurately as possible; this new concept takes one extra step towards a more sustainable flight experience.

The airline has conducted a trial period on some of the last flights of the day out of its secondary hub of Geneva (GVA). According to the press release, the results have been promising so far, and after final analyses and evaluation, the concept might be extended to more routes on the airline’s network.

Airplane Food
An example of what you might get at the end of your flight | © Swiss International Air Lines

A strong partner: Too Good To Go

In this important step for the airline’s sustainable development, SWISS can count on a very important partner.

Too Good To Go, is a worldwide platform connecting different businesses of the food industry, companies and households, whose goal is to reduce the global food waste as much as possible in all the stages of the food supply chain, from production to consumption.

The main product of Too Good To Go is an app, where restaurants, stores and hotels can sell their excess food at a competitive price.

The company was founded in 2016 in Denmark and it has helped rescue around 92 million meals from waste during the past five years.

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