Swiss A220 (CS-300) Engine Shut-Down In Flight

A Swiss International Airlines Airbus A220 (aka Bombardier C-Series CS-300), registered as HB-JCJ, performing flight LX-1249 from Stockholm (Sweden) to Zurich (Switzerland). They had been en route at FL390 and was in the initial descent through about FL330 when the crew declared PAN PAN reporting they had needed to shut the left hand engine (PW1524) down due to low oil pressure. A PAN PAN call is made by the crew when an aircraft has a serious emergency, but not a matter of life or death. The aircraft continued to Zurich for a safe landing on runway 16 and stopped briefly on the runway for an inspection by emergency services. Following the inspection the aircraft taxied to the apron.

The airline reported the crew needed to shut one of the engines down due to problems with the oil pressure about 25 minutes prior to landing. All passengers disembarked normally. The cause of the trouble is being investigated.


Image © Wikimedia

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Jake Smith
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