An Austrian Airlines Airbus A320-200, registration OE-LBS performing flight OS-879 from Vienna (Austria) to Shiraz (Iran), was en route at FL350 about 40nm west-northwest of Bucharest’s Otopeni Airport when the crew reported smoke on board and decided to divert to Bucharest. The crew requested emergency services on standby. The aircraft landed safely on Otopeni’s runway 08R about 20 minutes later and was inspected by emergency service before proceeding to the apron.

A replacement A320-200 registration OE-LBQ returned to Vienna as flight OS-879 departing Bucharest about 3 hours after landing. The rotation, Vienna to Shiraz, Isfahan (Ira) and back was cancelled.

The airline reported the aircraft diverted to Bucharest due to technical reasons.



Image © Wikimedia

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