A Sun Express Deutschland Boeing 737-800was en route at FL320 about 140nm east of Frankfurt/Main (Germany) when the crew decided to divert to Frankfurt reporting their airspeed had become unreliable, the altitude indications disagreed and the engine electronic control (EEC) had reverted to alternate mode. The aircraft entered a hold at FL250 to work the checklists and a further hold at FL130 to burn off fuel and landed safely on Frankfurt’s runway 25C about 90 minutes after leaving FL320.

D-ASXD performing flight XG-1781 from Dusseldorf (Germany) to Kayseri (Turkey),

The occurrence aircraft, that had departed Dusseldorf with a delay of 4 hours already, remained on the ground in Frankfurt for about 16.5 hours overnight, then departed again to Kayseri as flight XG-1781 reaching the destination with a total delay of 21.5 hours.

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