A Jet2.com Boeing 737-800, registration G-JZHG performing flight LS-405 from Leeds, EN (UK) to Paphos (Cyprus), was en route at FL330 over the North Sea about 170nm east of Manchester, EN (UK) when the crew decided to turn around and divert to Manchester due to a hydraulic failure. The aircraft was on final approach to Manchester’s runway 23L when the crew went around at about 2000 feet, climbed back to FL070 and entered a hold for about 5 minutes, then positioned for another approach to runway 23L. The aircraft landed safely on runway 23L at a higher than normal speed (about 171 knots over ground) about 90 minutes after departure.

A replacement Boeing 737-800 registration G-DRTF departed Manchester about 2 hours after landing of G-JZHG and reached Paphos with a delay of about 3:15 hours.



Image © Wikimedia

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