RGIA Hyderabad Airport Introduces Video Analytics for Enhanced Passenger Safety

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The Rajiv Gandhi International Airport (RGIA) Hyderabad has another first added to its name. After being the first to use inflatable aircraft hangers, the airport has now deployed a new AI (Artificial Intelligence) based video analytics technology. RGIA Hyderabad is a joint venture between the GMR group and several others, including the state government.

Video Analytics Based Passenger Queue Management

Snapshot of queue management system

Recently, the airport noticed that managing passenger queues was the key to maintaining efficiency, so in compliance with COVID-19 protocols they have since deployed technology which uses IoT cameras at multiple points in the check-in area for detecting passenger queue lengths and passenger crowding. Once overcrowding is detected, an alert is sent to the supervisor for necessary corrective action. Shorter queues are essential for both passengers and the staff to maintain necessary social distancing during pandemic times.

The system monitors the peak and average passenger-wait time in the queue. In addition, RGIA Hyderabad has also deployed this technology around the airport for detecting loitering, camera tampering, parking violations, left object detection, and wrong-way driving. The technology thus improves the overall safety of the airport.

Technology Partner AllGoVision

The AI-based technology is deployed by AllGoVision, a leading player of Video Analytics based solutions. Their AllSafe™ algorithms for COVID-19 prevention include –

  • No-mask detection
  • Social distancing
  • Crowd Detection
  • People counting
  • Contact tracing
  • Attendance management with body temperature detection


Pradeep Panicker, CEO-RGIA Hyderabad, said:

GHIAL has always been in the forefront when it comes to implementing innovative technology solutions. We are glad to have partnered with AllGoVision in the implementation of this AI-based technology that will further instill confidence in air travel.”

At present, GMR RGIA Hyderabad can handle 12 million passengers per annum. So, even though there is a significant drop in passenger volumes because of the pandemic, the enforcement of COVID-19 norms remains a challenge.

How far will this technology work for airports? Please write to us in the comments section below.

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  • Good move.
    This video analytics can also be developed for -
    1) Tracking odd / suspicious behaviour of people (through movements-body language / facial expressions/ movement of eye balls/ erratic heart beats) at defined areas.

    2) Linkage through system integrated with boarding pass of passengers & identity cards of staff/ vendors.

    4) Unauthorized stay at premises of people inside the building.

    5) Material/ luggage movement