The island of Puerto Rico has decided to open up to fully vaccinated U.S. domestic passengers eliminating the requirement for a negative PCR test for all incoming visitors.

The Caribbean U.S. territory has dropped the curfew that has been in place since March 2020 and is now loosening restrictions allowing businesses to operate to up to 50% capacity, up from 30% that was the maximum allowed capacity until a few days ago.

“Puerto Rico has prioritized health and safety from the onset of the pandemic, becoming the first U.S. destination to implement an Island-wide curfew, among other measures developed to safeguard residents and visitors. As restrictions loosen, we look forward to welcoming travellers seeking to responsibly explore our Island, immerse themselves in unforgettable culture, unique natural wonders and delicious cuisine, while taking advantage of the ease of travel that comes with Puerto Rico being a U.S. territory, including no need for a passport for U.S. citizens,” said Brad Dean, CEO of Discover Puerto Rico.

Other restrictions being lifted are the requirement to wear a mask in parks and beaches for fully vaccinated people as well as the prohibition to consume alcoholic beverages in pools and beaches.

Proof of antigen test may be required to access certain locations to non-vaccinated people, as well as the need for a negative PCR test and/or quarantine for all perspective visitors who cannot produce a vaccination certificate.

According to the New York Times, 45% of the population in Puerto Rico has received at least one shot and 32% has been fully vaccinated.

Discover Puerto Rico, the Destination Marketing Organization that promotes the island as a destination, is pushing the advantages of the Caribbean archipelago as a vacation destination: as a U.S. territory, it does not require a negative PCR test for tourist returning to mainland U.S.A., visitors do not need to have a passport, can use U.S. dollars and can avail of their cell phone plans without the need of costly roaming passes.

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