Prime Minister Modi Inaugurates India’s First Seaplane Initiative

Prime Minister Modi inaugurated the first-ever Seaplane service between Ahmedabad & Sabarmati while also inaugurating the Water Aerodrome on the Sabarmati riverfront.

India’s first Seaplane service is to launch from Ahmedabad to Kevadia.

SpiceJet to Operate the 45-Minutes Service Between Sabarmati & Ahmedabad

The 200km journey will be a 45-minutes long between the two destinations and will have 8 scheduled services per day.  The service is being operated by SpiceJet, India’s Low-Cost Carrier (LCC).  An overwhelming 3,000 bookings have already been made.  The operator has taken leased aircraft which have a capacity of 18 souls consisting of 15 passengers, 2 pilots and an attendant.

Prices are fixed at 1500INR for a one-way trip and only 30 per cent of the fairs are likely to be sold at this price.  This arrangement comes under the UDAN scheme of the Government of India. The remaining tickets will be sold as per market conditions, said Ajay Singh, Chairman & Managing Director of SpiceJet.

Reduce Travel Time by Road and Enjoy Tourism Experience.

SpiceJet believes tourists will enjoy the SeaPlane travel which is expected to reduce travel time and provide easy and smooth travel experience.

“The objective of SpiceShuttles’ flights is to provide an easy and smooth travel experience enabling passengers to book pre-scheduled flights between two destinations within less than an hour duration, which otherwise takes more than 3-4 hours of travel by road. The entire experience involves much more than the time saved though. It provides an exhilarating experience of taking off from and landing on a water-body and also scenic and majestic aerial views, thanks to a low-altitude flying experience.” – quotes SpiceJet’s web site.

Seaplanes Are The New Novel Method of Promoting Tourism Industry in India.

As India has an attractive coastline dotted with islands including the Andaman’s and Lakshadweep the opportunities to operate Seaplanes are many in the country.  Whether it is Andaman or Kaziranga in Assam or in Srinagar in Kashmir, the Tourism promotion opportunities are plenty in India and that will also add up to the Aviation Industry.  Let us hope for the best.

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Radhakrishnan Pattabiraman
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  1. Sea planes are going to be the order of the day for the near future. I agree totally with your views that apart from reducing travel time they offer splendid opportunities to enjoy the scenic beauty and majesty as they fly at a low altitude. India being surrounded by 70% water, provides plenty of scope for Sea Planes to be successful in the country. One hopes that the Hon’ble PM’s initiative and vision will take the country from strength to strength to press Sea Planes in various pockets of India and will boost the tourism industry.

  2. Great Initiative By Our Honourable Modi Jii!! The Cost Is Also Pocket Friendly! And It Is Time Saving Too!!! Excellent Article Radhakrishnan Sir! Keep Writing More And More!!


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