Plans Put in Place for Direct Flight Between Cambodia and India

As the world looks to the future – and a time when the aviation industry adapts to the threat of coronavirus  – Cambodia and India are looking to strengthen their connection with a new direct flight.

Cambodia and India New Flight
Cambodian Minister of Tourism Thong Khon and Indian ambassador to Cambodia Devyani Uttam Khobragade meet to discuss. | © India in Cambodia via Twitter

A tough year for the aviation industry

COVID-19 has halted the plans of many airlines this year with some having to look at restructuring their business to organise their debts. For example, Thai Airways had to ask for government aid before an arrangement was made for a reorganisation. Others have had to sell aircrafts and furlough their pilots and cabin crew staff.

Thus, this news brings some hope to the aviation industry with plans being made for when travel resumes as normal again.

New Flight India and Cambodia
Air India could be one of the airlines carrying out the route. | © Vincenzo Pace

The new flight plan for Cambodia and India

To generate tourism in Cambodia and India, the countries have agreed to have a direct flight that connects the two. The Cambodian tourism minister Thong Khon and the Indian ambassador to Cambodia Devyani Uttam Khoragade sat and discussed the plans of a direct connection. They reached an agreement on the 20th January 2021.

With 2912 kilometres between them, that’s an air travel distance of 1809 miles, Cambodia and India seem to be the perfect match for a connecting flight. Currently, flyers have to board a connecting flight with a stop off in places like Singapore or Thailand. The flight time is often several hours long.

Cambodia and India’s history

Cambodia is home to a tourist hotspot. | © Vicky T

The two countries have a history of cultural and religious bonds. Before COVID-19 gripped the world, many travelled from Cambodia to tour religious sites in India. These tours have now been delayed until individuals can travel safely again.

In addition, many tourists from India visited temples in Cambodia too. The hope is that more tourism will increase the need for employment through the countries. India and Cambodia’s neighbouring countries can also benefit from this link.

Thus, the opportunity for tourists to travel more freely will boost tourism and, consequently, improve on the financial strain caused by the pandemic. The next step will be seeing which airline will take up the new route.

The plan should be cemented once the end of coronavirus is in sight. Then, tourists can look forward to an easier and a more affordable connection between the two countries. Which airlines do you think could be the first to carry out the new route? Let us know below!

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