Philippine Airlines pilots the IATA Travel Pass

As the country and its airline industry continues to grapple with the impacts of COVID-19 with the second highest incidence in Southeast Asia as of writing, Philippine Airlines (PAL) – the country’s flag carrier – has launched the pilot run of the International Air Transport Association (IATA) Travel Pass in the country. The travel pass, along with other Covid-19 protocols implemented when the pandemic started, aims to regain confidence in air travel by providing an easily accessible digital platform to verify all country regulations regarding COVID-19-related travel requirements.

Travel pass benefits

The IATA Travel pass facilitates the creation of a passenger’s digital biometric passport, ease in finding information on travel and testing requirements from relevant countries for their itinerary, access to accredited testing centers/laboratories and archiving of digital test results to facilitate travel. Passengers are required to register using a QR code for iOS and Android devices. They are then required to register their personal and  flight details on the app. Registered passengers are entitled to PAL merchandise at the boarding gate.

Links have been provided in the airline website for:

Itinerary specific requirements – Click here for a guide on travel rules and requirements

Pre-travel testing guidance – Click here for more details and how to navigate your way to our testing facilities

Required forms for travel – Passenger Profile and Health Declaration Form

The month-long pilot trial will be run through the airline’s Manila-Los Angeles and Manila-Singapore routes from the first week of May to the first week of June 2021. Passengers are encouraged to participate as part of the country’s and airline industry’s effort to cope with the impacts of the 15 month long COVID-19 pandemic.

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