A Peruvian Boeing 737-500 has had its main gear struts collapse on landing in La Paz.

The aircraft, registration OB-2041-P, was performing flight P9-331 from Cuzco (Peru) to La Paz (Bolivia) with 122 passengers and 5 crew. They suffered the collapse of both main gear struts while landing on La Paz’s Airport El Alto (Bolivia) runway 10 at about 10:22L (14:22Z). The aircraft came to a stop on the centre line of the runway resting on the nose gear, both engines and the aft belly of the fuselage. The passengers disembarked onto the runway via mobile stairs. There were no injuries, but the aircraft sustained substantial damage.

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The airport estimates the mishap of the Peruvian Airlines Aircraft will close the airport until 15:00L (19:00Z). With NOTAM information for 22 November stating that runway 10/28 was closed, owing to an “obstruction” involving an aircraft.

Airport operator SABSA says

This closure was undertaken in accordance with standards and international protocols.

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Bolivia’s DGAC confirmed

Peruvian Airlines’ Boeing 737-500 OB-2041-P suffered an accident while landing on La Paz’s runway 10 at 10:22L. There were no injuries. The aircraft suffered a problem with the main landing gear.

The airline has identified the aircraft involved as OB-2041-P. Which is a 28-year old airframe originally delivered to Air France but also used by operators including LOT, Cirrus Airlines and Adria Airways.

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Peruvian, which introduced this twinjet in 2013, says the reason for the undercarriage collapse, which left the jet resting on its fuselage underside, is “under investigation”.

It states that none of the 120 passengers and crew members has been injured. The airline is intending to send another aircraft on 23 November to transport affected passengers.

Peruvian says

It “regrets the incident” and stresses that it is committed to following regulations governing commercial airline safety.

Meteorological data for the airport indicates good weather and visibility at the time of the accident.
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