A Jazz CRJ-200 has had an engine shut down in-flight due to an oil pressure warning.

The Canadair CRJ-200, registration C-GJZZ was performing flight QK-8033 from Philadelphia, PA (USA) to Montreal, QC (Canada) with 41 passengers and 3 crew onboard. They were en route at FL290 when the observed fluctuating oil pressure for the right-hand engine (CF34). Descending through 15,000 feet towards Montreal the oil pressure warning activated for the right-hand engine prompting the crew to shut the engine down. The aircraft continued for a safe landing in Montreal.

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The CRJ’s Flightpath (©GA Group/FlightAware)

The Canadian TSB reported maintenance did not find an O-Ring behind the #2 starter seal. A new O-ring was installed, the oil replenished, engine runs with no leak were performed and the aircraft was returned to service.

Jazz C GMJA CRJ 200 - Travel Radar - Aviation News


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