£85 Million on Overweight Luggage Fees A New Risk for UK Holidaymakers

New research from World Nomads shows UK holidaymakers are at risk of being charged £85 million in overweight baggage fees as they get ready to embark on their summer holidays.

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All those affected by  Overweight Luggage Fees

Get ready to add another item to your travel planning checklist as a new study shows there will most likely be an increase on overweight baggage fees this summer. Of the nearly 31 million Brits set to jet around the world this summer season, 6.8 million of them already anticipate overweight baggage fees. Yet, a whopping 8.25 million Brits are estimated to travel with overweight luggage, whether or not they plan ahead for the expense. And 58% of UK adults are considering traveling abroad this summer according to a recent nationwide study from the travel company World Nomads.

This will affect lone travellers the most, as 36% of them admit to knowingly overpacking. In comparison, those on holiday with friends report a lower chance of knowingly overpacking at 23%, and only 17% for those traveling with family.

Weighing Luggage before travel plans
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Planning and Budgeting for the 2022 Summer Holiday

Keeping in mind that 21.5 million plan on bringing back additional items from their holiday — 30% (6.14 million) of whom would have already overpacked on their way over — the fines could potentially increase. 7.3 million Brits have chosen a budget airlines for their travel because many are looking at ways to cut costs when booking a holiday. Unfortunately, they end up spending more after being caught out off guard by with overweight luggage fees. 4.3 million get slapped with the unexpected luggage fees after booking the flight. Ironically, another 4.5 million are forced to pay for the additional weight prior to check in even though they knew their suitcase was overpacked.

This is just another precaution for travellers to be mindful of, as the summer holiday season of 2022 has already seen unprecedented airport queues and flight cancellations – in large parts due to the recent easing of Covid restrictions that prevented and delayed many hopes of traveling abroad. Many are excited to plan their trips, and as a result there has been an influx in travel bookings. While this has whipped up a travel frenzy of some sorts, it’s important to note these new concerns in order to minimize disruptions amongst these long awaited holidays.

Your Travel Worries Are Justified

Worried Summer Traveller
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Overweight baggage fees are just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to travel concerns. Yes, 52% of travellers report being worried about having to shell out money for overweight luggage, but that is only one of the luggage-based concerns. 70% are worried about luggage being damaged in transit and 73%  are worried about their luggage getting lost. On top of that 82% are worried about their flight being cancelled, 79% are worried about their flight being delayed, and 78% are concerned about missing their flight due to airport queues.

The stress over cancellations and baggage is justified by World Nomads’ claims data as it shows cancellation claims are up 13% compared to pre-Covid times, and baggage claims have risen 8%, accounting for 27% of all traveller claims.

Biggest concerns for travellers this summer

Destination Percentage of travellers
Worried about flight being cancelled 82%
Worried about flight being delayed 79%
Concerned about missing flight due to airport queues 78%
Worried about luggage being lost 73%
Worried about luggage being damaged in transit 70%
Worried about having to pay for overweight luggage 52%

World Nomads, 2022

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Solace in Preparation for the Holidays

Happy Traveller, Travel Easy
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However, despite all the growing travel concerns, one thing remains true: preparation is key. In response to their recent study World Nomads General Manager of Marketing and Brands, Jon Whitby remarked:

The travel chaos in the UK, and indeed across the world, is no secret and is now taking away from the excitement a holiday should bring. People have had to navigate a lot of stress with Covid and cost of living challenges so it is important they are able to get away and recharge whenever possible.

We would advise all travellers to ensure they have adequate travel insurance in place at the point of booking. Lost or damaged luggage is also a concern and can create a very stressful situation if it happens. To prevent this, it is best to report a loss or damage to the airline carrier immediately. For lengthy delays, people can also ask for compensation to replace the essential items needed like toothbrushes, prescription medication or a change of clothes while the luggage is lost.

Despite the uncertainty, it is great to see travel numbers increasing and people being able to explore other countries once again.”

So keep your head up and be sure to remain steadfast in your travel plans. And as always remember Travel Radar’s got you covered for all your aviation and travel news!

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