Manchester Airport 'welcome' sign
As of 6 April, police and transport staff will be brought in to help the airport cope with large numbers of passengers. | © M.E.N

Manchester Airport has been facing backlash from frustrated customers on Twitter.

Four Hour Queues

Passengers at Manchester airport face lengthy queues and baggage problems as the hub struggles to cope with the surge in holiday goers. One frustrated passenger told twitter that he waited for four hours for his luggage to come through. Several airport customers have taken to the social media site to vent their disappointment

Many commented on the extremely long queues for check-in and boarding. Martin Daniels tweeted a photo of the lines in Manchester’s Terminal two with the caption, “I don’t think I’m going to make this flight.”

Bryan Elwick commented that the “Queue is almost down to the railway station,” along with a video of the chaos:

Airport Advises Customers To Leave Three Hours for Flights

In light of the lengthy delays, the airport has advised that passengers arrive a full three hours before their flights. At 5:15 am this morning, Sarah Thompson tweeted: “T2 Manchester Airport security lanes are long. 40 minutes and counting. Definitely need a 3-hour check-in this time of day @manairport.”

Some have commented that three hours may not be sufficient to account for the passenger carnage. One hour later, Mhari Oakes tweeted, “Hell on earth this morning @manairport – avoid it like the plague!!! Everyone is missing flights despite getting there 3 hours before departure. Absolute and complete chaos. No check-in staff.”

Following Coronavirus, airports, and airlines have been desperately struggling for staff. This is not the first time Manchester has been having issues in recent months Manchester has been having issues. Other UK airports such as Birmingham, Heathrow and Stanstead have also faced queues and delays following staff shortages.

Silver Linings

On Sunday, one passenger was so frustrated with the wait for his bags that he went to the tannoy and plugged in his phone to play “Sweet Caroline” by Neil Diamond. Dozens of wearied travellers briefly forgot about their two-hour wait for luggage and joined in singing, the Manchester Evening News reports. Commenting on the spontaneous community choir, a witness said:

“Everybody was that bored they were all singing along – it was the only thing to laugh about. I don’t know how many areas it was connected to – if it was playing in the whole airport or just the baggage area – but the alarming thing was nobody came over and told him to stop. He played the whole song.”

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