According to a survey conducted by a UK-based travel industry intelligence provider Thrive, the majority of UK consumers think it’s reasonable for airlines to continue their mask-wearing policies for passengers. The survey also found that UK consumers are in favour of airlines that only accept vaccinated passengers, with 61% of those interviewed preferring flights where their fellow travellers have had their COVID-19 vaccines.

The CEO of Australian airline Qantas, Alan Joyce, has previously said the carrier may require mandatory COVID-vaccinations for passengers on international flights.

Nearly 80% of those surveyed stated they are also happy for their vaccine details to be passed on to digital health apps. The survey was conducted among 2,105 UK adults on 23-24 February across the UK.

Mandatory masks onboard

90% of UK adults surveyed said they intend to fly abroad at some point in the future. Just over two thirds, 69%, stated they would fly abroad this year if the vaccination programme is fully rolled out.

Three-quarters of UK adults interviewed said it would be reasonable for airlines to demand passengers to wear face masks onboard regardless whether they’ve been vaccinated. Mandatory mask-wearing has been introduced by airlines around the world on flights to help to prevent the spread of coronavirus.

Photo By Camila Perez On Unsplash.
Photo by Camila Perez on Unsplash.

Sania Haq, Research Director for Thrive, commented: “These findings suggest consumers are now conditioned to ongoing social distancing measures which reduce transmission and prevent the spreading of Covid-19. It is also clear that few are worried about any privacy issues regarding their vaccination details if it means they can seamlessly access other countries and travel for business or leisure.”

As reported by Charlotte Barcham last month, many countries have hinted at the prospect of vaccine passports, with UK Prime Minister Boris Johnson saying they might be “inevitable” to enable foreign travel.

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