Loveit Coverit Unveil Airport Rating Analysis

In the present day, international airports have evolved beyond their traditional role as transportation hubs. They are designed to provide comfortable living spaces, offering travelers an array of amenities ranging from high-tech shops to hotels. Recent research conducted by Loveit Coverit has involved the assessment of international airports in the United Kingdom based on their online reviews.

The breakdown of the data on international airports in the UK.

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Data on airports rating via Loveit Coverit

Loveit Coverit is an insurance company created in 2016. When the company started, its main service was insurance for mobile devices, but later it expanded its services to other personal electronic devices. In 2022 the company decided to enter a completely new market – travel insurance. Since then, Loveit Coverit has provided comprehensive travel insurance for UK customers.

Recently Loveit Coverit published a table “Top five best airports.” which grades several airports in the United Kingdom according to their average customer review score. This index was calculated based on two sources – Google review scores and customer ratings from the airports and the date from the review site Skytrax.

Airport rankings.

City of Derry Airport
City of Derry Airport ⓒ City of Derry Airport

The City of Derry Airport boasts the highest average customer review score of 4.75. The airport is situated near the city of Derry in Northern Ireland. It serves as a regional public airport, catering to 163,130 passengers in 2022. The peak number of visitors the airport received was in 2008, with a total of 438,000 travelers. According to Google Reviews, the most frequently mentioned term in airport reviews is ‘security’, which is generally praised for its swiftness, with a few exceptions. Passengers also expressed their satisfaction with affordable short-term parking.

Humberside Airport
Humberside Airport ⓒ Tony Emptage

The second-highest score in the data belongs to Humberside Airport, with a rating of 3.75. Located in Kirmington, North Lincolnshire, England, Humberside Airport holds international status. In 2022, the airport welcomed 92,465 passengers, marking a decline compared to its historical record. In 2004, Humberside Airport hosted 531,277 passengers. As per Google reviews, the most frequently mentioned terms in the comments are ‘security’ and ‘check-in,’ garnering mixed ratings from users.

Ranking third is Jersey Airport, an international airport located in the Channel Islands. In 2019, the airport served 857,000 passengers, marking the highest count since the 1990s. Google reviews reveal that the terms ‘security’ and ‘duty-free’ were the most frequently mentioned. While duty-free emerged as a common topic in later airport reviews, it’s a relatively new subject for Jersey Airport. In this context, discussions revolved around its affordability, with some passengers finding it not particularly cheap but still reasonable. Although one traveler expressed disappointment due to its closure, others primarily highlighted its usefulness.

In fourth place, there are three airports to note. London City Airport had 5,100,025 passengers in 2019. The most frequently mentioned term in Google Reviews is ‘Gatwick,’ dependent on users’ preference for London Gatwick Airport or London City Airport. Isle of Man Airport, also known as Ronaldsway Airport, was visited by 798,284 passengers in 2017. Once more, the standout term in Google Reviews is security. Inverness Airport, the final airport in fourth place, recorded 700,012 passengers in 2022. Once again, security emerged as the most mentioned topic.

In the fifth and final position, there are several airports, each holding a 3 out of 5 rating. Heathrow Airport had a passenger count of 61.6 million in 2022. London Southend Airport, on the other hand, only had 89,361 passengers in 2022, although it had 2,035,535 visitors in 2019. The most frequently mentioned term in Google Reviews is ‘train,’ with users referring to the availability of train connections to London. George Best Belfast City Airport had an impressive 1.6 million passengers in 2022, with ‘security’ being the dominant term in Google reviews. The final entry on this list is Glasgow Airport, which received 8,843,241 passengers in 2019. For Glasgow Airport, the most commonly mentioned terms in Google reviews are ‘holiday,’ ‘easyJet,’ and ‘British Airways.

Conclusion about the data.

The data provided by Loveit Coverit provides insights into user ratings. The airports topping the rankings are relatively small but offer international flights. Interestingly, Google reviews themselves might assign higher scores to airports on the list. For example, Glasgow Airport received a 4.0 out of 5 in Google reviews, as opposed to the listed 3. Another noteworthy observation pertains to the content of these reviews. The term ‘security’ is most frequently mentioned in reviews for the highest-ranked airports. However, according to Google reviews, for airports handling millions of passengers annually, like Glasgow, security doesn’t emerge as a prominent concern in these posts.

Do you agree with the ratings given by the Loveit Coverit database? Let us know in the comments!

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