Air Serbia set to Launch Routes to Tropical Destinations

Air Serbia is set to expand its route network over the upcoming months, with just over a dozen routes expected by winter; including the routes to Tianjin, China set to launch in October this year and Chicago set to begin in April 2023, which will be the 2nd US destination on the Serbian network. The airline is also set to presume operations in Cairo spring of 2023 as well as flights to Ohrid from the summer of 2023 amongst other destinations.

Airplane taking off
Air Serbia A330 © Adrian Kissane

In an announcement earlier this year, the airline is making progress towards its goal of reaching 100 destinations by 2027; where it currently stands at seventy. During an interview with Aviation Week, Serbian Airline CEO Jiri Marek said:

“We are currently planning around a dozen of new destinations for next year, as well as more frequencies in the region to guarantee connectivity to Chicago, New York and China. And some of the new destinations, even exotic ones, might come already in the winter season”

Air Serbia plans on increasing its presence in North Africa as well as the Middle East, due to disruption caused during the peak of the pandemic. The flights to Cairo are set to resume in May 2023 as stated by Serbian President Aleksandar Vučić. The airline is expected to see a positive change in the upcoming years as the Serbian government is quite confident- as the Head of the Agency for the Promotion and Support of Tourism in Macedonia, Ljupčo Janevski mentioned in an interview:

“We have seen excellent statistical indicators, showing the projected growth in the number of Serbian tourists by 500% this year. During the first quarter of 2022, the number of tourists from Serbia visiting Ohrid grew 100%. Furthermore, the number of overnight stays has grown significantly as well”.

As the exact details of the expected ‘tropical’ destinations aren’t fully detailed yet, we’re bound to see more international flights with Air Serbia outside the European zone.

What tropical destinations do you think will be added to the network? Let us know in the comments.

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