KLM to Continue Sustainable Aviation Fuel Programme

KLM Royal Dutch Airlines (KLM) has been looking at ways to lessen the impact of its carbon footprint with the airline’s Sustainable Aviation Fuel Programme.

Sustainable Aviation Fuel
The Future of Sustainability with KLM. | © Alwin Kroon

Airlines and the environment

KLM is not the only airline looking at ways to improve its impact on the world. Recently, American Airlines opted for a new paint, so its fleet will be more fuel-efficient. Similarly, Qatar Airways Cargo has vowed to get wild animals back to their natural habitats free of charge.

KLM's Sustainable Aviation Fuel Programme
A sustainable outlook. | © Miguel Ángel Sanz

Air France and KLM have both been researching and trying to develop alternatives to the fuels used by their fleets. It seems they have reached out to companies to ask them to help with their new sustainable plans.

KLM’s sustainable way forward

KLM has been working on its impact on the environment with the airline’s recently renamed KLM Corporate Sustainable Aviation Fuel Programme (SAF). The carrier changed the name after deciding to move away from its original biofuel label. The airline decided that it did not encompass the message KLM wanted to get across to its audience.

The airline wants to ensure that its customers, and those choosing to fly with KLM in the future, know that the fuel it is using is sustainable. The sustainable fuel uses raw materials that avoid damaging and negatively affecting forests, food production and the environment. In addition to this, KLM is using alternative fuels that avoid causing harm to the planet. These kinds of fuels can be made from waste products and oils, and residues.

The Sustainable Aviation Fuel Plan

Originally, the SAF programme began in 2012 and has now grown to include 16 partners. Arcadis and Royal Schiphol Group are among the few that help to finance the programme and reduce the impact the airline has on the environment.

However, the airline knows it has a long way to go, and aims to bring the SAF programme to the attention of those that fly with KLM. The carrier would like its CO2 emissions to be even lower with the help of sustainable fuel and wishes to roll it out across its entire fleet.

SAF - Sustainable Aviation Fuel
Onto the next chapter… | © Mika Baumeister

The airline confirmed to Travel Radar that ‘the main challenge today is the development of a sustainable industry to which Air France and KLM’s corporate customers will be able to make a concrete contribution.’ There will be a conference with KLM CEO Pieter Elbers on the 8th February called the ‘Online High Level Conference on Synthetic SAF’, which is open to those who follow the airline online to register.

This is a huge step for KLM and an innovative way forward for airlines that follow suit. What ways do you think airlines could become more sustainable? Let us know below!

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