Is he taking the Micheal? Ryanair Pay Dispute

Late yesterday evening, Dublin Based low cost carrier, Ryanair, took the unusual step of publishing staff pay and benefit details online after airline employees took a third 24hr strike this year.

Ryanair posted details on its website of pilots’ monthly and annual salaries, which included captains from Ireland, the UK, Belgium, Germany and Portugal.

The airline claimed the pilots earned between €190,000 and €220,000 (£169,000 and £195,000) year whilst Flight Attendants earned up to €40,000 (£36,000) a year which CEO Micheal O’Leary says is:

“more than double the living wage”

A Ryanair Boeing 737-800 plane takes off at Lisbon's airport, Portugal July 5, 2018. REUTERS/Rafael Marchante

UK Based staff working for Ryanair caused the cancellation 16 flights from Ireland on Tuesday, affecting 2,500 passengers.

Additionally cabin crew in Spain, Portugal, Belgium and Italy are set to strike on Wednesday and Thursday, demanding that the airline give contractors the same work conditions as its own employee and staff be employed according to the national legislation of the country they operate in, rather than that of Ireland as is currently the case, but the airline argues that The airline argued that since its planes fly under the Irish flag and most of its employees work on board planes, its staff are covered by Irish law.

Unions representing Ryanair’s cabin crew in Spain on Tuesday dismissed a warning from the low-cost airline that it will cut jobs if its crew continues to stage strikes.

Ryanair said it was:

“forced to cancel 600 flights as result, affecting 100,000 passengers”

Have you been affected by Ryanair strikes this year? If you have, let us know in the comments below.

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