Incheon International Airport Remains Luxurious and Positive

Considered one of the most luxurious airports in the world, Incheon International Airport, the largest of its kind in South Korea, hasn’t seen much action over the past year. However, they remain positive about the future of travel from their airport.

Incheon International Airport Remains Positive and Luxurious
South Korea’s Airport Hoping to Be Back on Top | © Shawn Ang

Incheon International is one of the most luxurious airports in the world

Alongside Changi Airport and Tokyo Haneda International Airport, Incheon International is up there as being one of the nicest in the world. It was originally second place in the luxurious charts, but lost out to Tokyo’s main international port over the last couple of years.

However, that doesn’t change the luxurious features that reside in the airport. While passengers are waiting for their flight, they can enjoy games in the casino or relax in the spa or sauna. They can go nine rounds at the golf course, explore the gardens or even skate on an ice rink. The airport really does incorporate the holiday experience before passengers have even boarded their flight.

Incheon International Airport Remains Positive and Luxurious
Empty chairs for hopefully not much longer! | © Priscilla Du Preez

There’s live music, seasonal events and even a museum for those looking for a little culture before boarding. However, on top of all this, Incheon International Airport excels in customer service due to its range of restaurants and shops – it was even the first airport to have a Louis Vuitton outlet in its duty-free. This could all be part of the reason why Incheon International still remains positive that travel won’t take too long to return back to normal, when flights can resume properly again.

How has Incheon International been impacted during the pandemic?

Although the airport was once one of the busiest in the world, Incheon International, like many other sectors of the aviation industry has suffered throughout the coronavirus outbreak. Their annual passengers travelling through their airport dropped to a lower percentage than they are usually used to.

Incheon International Airport
Travel normal again soon, airport hopes. | © Pond Juprasong

Nevertheless, the airport remain optimistic that the airport will recover when travel resumes as normal again. They decided to keep their duty-free shops open to try to increase profits as flights decreased. 

Also, the airport vowed to roll out fast coronavirus tests in March, so passengers could get results in two to four hours as opposed to the usual seven hour wait. The airport also plan to use a quarantine app, printing kiosks for negative test results and thermal screening booths to improve the travel experience. These introductions could really improve the travel industry and encourage more people to fly when it’s safe again to.

Have you ever visited Incheon International Airport and indulged in one of their luxurious features? Let us know below!

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