Hong Kong Airlines promotes the “part-time plan” crew members and cuts salary by 30%.

Hong Kong Airlines, one of the major air operators has called on all crew members to participate in the Cabin Crew Temporary Part-Time Scheme, with the goal of reducing the number of crew members in operation by 50%. This is the 3rd mass manpower cost reduction action since staff laid off in February, and the salary reduction of 60% with leave plan to the pilots last week

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In response to local press inquiry, Hong Kong Airlines confirmed the launch of a 4-month temporary part-time plan to resolve the surplus of flight attendants. All cabin crew have received an internal email and explained the actions are due to surplus manpower and travel demand is not expected to be recovered in a short term. The company would be running less than 10 aircrafts, therefore the airline is unable to provide sufficient flight hours for each crew member. In order to avoid layoffs, Hong Kong airlines requires all crew members to participate in the part-time programme.


The programme aims to reduce the number of crew members by 50% while retaining the “rice bowls” of their employees. The company is starting from November to February 2021 and expects to achieve the goal of reducing the total number of crew members in operation by 50%.Participating crew members will be divided into two groups. The first batch will be on duty from November to December and followed by a 2 months of No-Pay Leave and rotate with the second group. The employee’s basic salary and fixed allowance amount will also be reduced by 30% during this period.

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The crew members are also allowed to find other jobs during the period, but they must obtain prior approval from their superior. Hong Kong Airlines pointed out that the situation will be closely monitored and adjusted in response to the situation.

Hong Kong Airlines has launched an unpaid leave plan for pilots and assistant pilots this month. A 6-month period starting from 1st October to 31st of March 2021. Pilots salary will be reduced by 60% and the amount of allowance will be cut back. Hong Kong Airlines has applied for the second tranche of Employment Support Scheme from the government.

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