BARIG Endorsed European Airspace Reform Plans

On 25th September 2020, the Board of Airlines Representatives in Germany (BARIG) endorsed the European Commission’s plans to reform the European airspace. This is because “The Single European Sky”, as advocated for by BARIG, may soon be implemented.

BARIG Endorses the Plans

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BARIG Secretary-General, Michael Hoppe, said that they welcome the reforms because of its positive effects.
“We welcome the project of EU Transport Commissioner Aldina Vãlean as it revives the dynamics of this important topic for climate protection and efficiency.”— Michael Hoppe
Currently, in Europe aircraft usually can’t fly direct and straight routes. They instead take unnecessary detours before reaching their final destination. The current system is said to be inefficient, it causes various airlines a high cost of operation and is characterized by unnecessary delays.

“Today’s anachronistic system of a patchwork quilt in the sky’ must be replaced as soon as possible by a Single European Sky and the respective enhancement of air traffic control — for the sake of climate protection as well as for the efficiency and cost reduction that are urgently needed than ever in the air transport industry.”

— Michael Hoppe

With the Single European Sky implemented, experts assume that the shorter flight routes will reduce CO2 emissions by several million tons making air transport more friendly to the environment, flight durations will also be lowered and system-related unnecessary delays and waiting loops can be avoided.

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