Government Unveils “Aviation Skills Retention Platform”

Britain’s barely-floating aviation sector is set to receive another lifebuoy from the government, the “Aviation Skills Retention Platform” (ASPR).

In a nutshell, the Aviation Skills Retention Platform (ASPR) will serve as a platform to advertise in-sector jobs, and match them with jobseekers that are hunting for them. It’s hoped that it will help skilled workers to find work again, and help employers to find the talent they so-urgently need.

A Collaborative Partnership

In launching the Aviation Skills Retention Platform, the government has joined hands with the private sector to ensure it succeeds in its stated objectives. Leading employers like BAE Systems, Rolls Royce and the Civil Aviation Association have been

Aviation Skills Retention Scheme is an online portal for thousands of jobs
The ASPR will advertise thousands of jobs from the aviation sector

amongst the first players to pledge their support. As a result, the website comes packaged with an initial 2,185 vacancies, with the number growing daily as further vacancies are posted. In the words of Transport Secretary Grant Shapps:

“We’re supporting our aviation sector by launching an online jobs market to match aviation workers with 1,000s of vacancies, helping skilled workers regain high-value positions across this hugely important sector.”

 The Road Ahead

It’s undeniable that air travel faces a tough period of recovery in the years ahead. Alongside over £7 billion in financial support that the sector has received, the ASPR will further lift the sector by quelling its impending “skills gap”.

Additionally, between April and September 2021, eligible operators will be able to tap into a fund of up to £4 million to help with their “fixed costs”. The latter would include many of the areas that expect to receive a boost from the ASPR, like airfield operations and maintenance.

This combination of financial and job-specific support will undoubtedly play a vital role in the continued viability of many beleaguered aviation companies. If successful, it’ll prepare the sector for a much-anticipated revival in air travel as pandemic-related restrictions are gradually erased.


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