Gomair AN-26 Impacts Terrain Short of Runway

An Antonov An-26, registered as 9S-AGB, owned and operated by Gomair, which has been chartered by a voting organization for the upcoming presidential election in the country, has crashed on approach to Kinshasa Airport in Congo.

The An-26 was performing a cargo flight from Tshikapa to Kinshasa Ndjili (DR Congo) with 7 or 8 crew. It was cleared to descend to 5000 feet on approach to Ndjili’s runway 06 when the aircraft went missing about 20nm short of Kinshasa’s runway 06 at about 10:00L (09:00Z).

9S-AGB was found about 24 hours later in hilly terrain (peaks rising up to 700 meters/2300 feet MSL) about 19nm before runway 06.

Local Congolese media report:

Authorities did not launch a search for the aircraft. The aircraft was found by random chance by a local, who reported 8 bodies in the wreckage.

CENI reported no official of the Electoral Commission was on board the aircraft, the official remained in Tshikapa. The plane belonged to Gomair tail number 9S-AGB and carried 7 crew.

The aircraft is approximately 35 years old, which had previously operated with carrier Blue Air 9Q-CZO and later 9S-AZO)

The airline confirmed the aircraft crashed about 35km short of Ndjili Airport.

Locals reported visibility had been poor at the time of the disappearance of the aircraft, with airport METAR confirming:

  • FZAA 201000Z 27004KT 7000 SCT014 FEW028CB BKN100 26/23 Q1014 RETS NOSIG=
  • FZAA 200900Z 15004KT 6000 TS SCT012 FEW028CB OVC100 24/23 Q1015 RERA NOSIG=
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