Bombardier Global 7500 Enters Service

The newest business jet in the world marked its entry into service on December 21st. The aircraft, the Bombardier Global 7500, is Bombardier’s newest and most advanced aircraft. This aircraft is the 3rd aircraft in the Global Express series. The series consists of the Global 5000 and Global 6000. Originally, the aircraft was announced as the Global 7000, but was renamed the Global 7500 to reflect the aircraft’ increased range (7,700 nm). The Global 7500 also has a very impressive cruising altitude of 51,000 ft, 16,000 ft higher than most commercial aircraft.

“The pressurization is a lot higher on the aircraft, so you feel like you’re a lot lower to the ground, so you arrive refreshed at your destination while flying above air traffic, so you can fly more direct routes,” said Mark Masluch, the director of Communications and Public Affairs at Bombardier Business Aircraft

Bombardier hopes to deliveBombardier Global 7500 20181219 2 - Travel Radar - Aviation Newsr 15-20 planes in the coming year, and 35-40 in 2020.

The business jet manufacturing is extremely important to Bombardier. In November of 2018, Bombardier announced it would be selling their Q400 program to Viking Air, another Canadian aircraft manufacturing company. Bombardier also sold their C-Series program to Airbus, who re branded the C-Series program to the A220 program.

The program also created many jobs, giving a huge boost to the Quebec economy.

“In terms of revenue and profitability for the company, this is a significant driver,” Masluch said. “We’ve gone from delivering four, to six, to eight per cent margins and that’s going to continue to grow. Our top line is going to continue to grow, in large part due to the Global 7500, and that will create a significant pillar for Bombardier’s overall strategic plan.”


“We employ, through the 7500 alone, about 4,000 people in Quebec that are working on building the cockpit, building the interiors, installing the interiors, engineering, design, industrial design for the aircraft and then, on top of that, it’s surrounded by a supply base in the greater Montreal area that has another 900-plus jobs,” Masluch said.

The first delivery of the Global 7500 is expected Wednesday.


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