Delta Air Lines Improves Onboard Restaurant Experience

From the fall of 2023, Delta Air Lines has improved its onboard restaurant experience with new food and beverage services. The company also improved its Delta One cabin’s premium in-flight dining experience.

New Snacks Onboard!

Among other things, new onboard service includes improving the variety of premium onboard beer, wine (including tequila and a seasonal beer option), a new oat milk creamer, regionally inspired meal options, and Atlanta’s Fox Bros. Bar-B-Q’s beef short rib.

Kristen Manion Taylor, S.V.P of In-Flight Service at Delta, commented on the change:

“We want every dining experience on a Delta flight to feel exciting for our first-time flyers, our million milers and every customer in between. Our customers and the diverse communities we serve are the heart of everything we do at Delta, especially as we continue to develop inclusive menus and bring new partners and products on board.”

New mini SunChips Garden Salsa Flavored Whole Grain Snacks Ⓒ Delta Airlines.
New mini SunChips Garden Salsa Flavored Whole Grain Snacks. Ⓒ Delta Air Lines Media Centre

Delta One Service’s New Products

Delta One, the airline’s flat-bed premium product usually available on international or long-distance domestic flights, will receive a new plated appetizer course. The new meal includes ill-cured salmon with pickled vegetables or a Mexican shrimp cocktail.

Also, starting from 12 September, all Delta One coast-to-coast flights to Hawaii will increase the best services from the international flights. This means an addition of heated nuts to the menu, an expanded wine selection, a special appetizer, the option of dessert or a fruit and cheese plate, and espresso service.

AM Snack Basket. Ⓒ Delta Airlines.
AM Snack Basket. Ⓒ Delta Air Lines Media Centre

Pre-Select Program and Onboard Restaurant Experience

Delta Air Lines‘s pre-select program is also being enhanced. These arrangements exist on Delta One and most domestic First class cabins. Passengers using this service can select their main meal up to seven days before departure.

From September 12, customers of most domestic First Class flights over 900 miles will also have this opportunity. In addition to the standard menu available on board, this type of passenger can select from exclusive, regional, or limited-selection meal options – only available through pre-select.

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