Breeze Airways are Playing it Nice

It’s not often you hear of an airline that simply wishes to be ‘nice’, but that’s precisely the approach Breeze Airways want to take when it comes to their business.

Breeze Airways Nice
Nicest Airline on the Market? | © Breeze Airways

Who are Breeze Airways?

In a world of low-cost airlines and international travel from the United States, the investors of Breeze Airways thought they discovered a gap in the market for an airline like theirs. Originally, Breeze was named Moxy and was created with the intention of making passengers’ travel experiences a lot nicer. They conjured up the plan that by flying between smaller airports in the US and avoiding the more significant, primary travelling ports, they could make flyers have a much faster and smoother experience.

Breeze Airways Nice
Flying into success? | © Alex Jekowsky

Breeze offers Nice and Nicer

Similarly to other low-cost airlines, Breeze Airways will offer seats on their planes at a budget cost. The ‘Nice’ tickets will offer no-frills and will simply get the passenger from A to B. However, there will be a ‘Nicer’ option, which offers food, more leg-room and the other amenities you get when you upgrade on a flight.

Breeze Airways Nice
Trying to be nice. | © Brady Corps

Perhaps the airline’s nicest option is the chance for flyers to cancel or change their flights at no extra cost, which seems to be the new trend as Covid still lingers in the travel industry. The airline will also be offering a credit system, aptly named BreezePoints, which passengers can use on future flights and redeem additional features from their tickets. Breeze Airways wants to be nice to their flyers, so in return, the travellers are nice to them.

Do you like the concept of the ‘Nice’ flight experience? Let us know in the comments below.

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