Breeze Airways: A Startup Airline

by Abubakar Shoaib
Breeze Airways

Breeze Airways is a planned airline in the United States due to begin operations in 2021. The airline startup was founded by David Neeleman (who previously co-founded Morris Air, WestJet, JetBlue, and Azul Linhas Aereas). On February 7, 2020, it was announced that the airline had now been officially named Breeze Airways. The previous name, Moxy, clashed with Marriott’s Moxy Hotels trademark. The airline’s branding, such as logo, colors, and aircraft livery, was developed by the Brazilian airline marketing specialist Gianfranco “Panda” Beting, Azul’s co-founder and responsible for creating the branding of Azul, TAP Air Portugal, and Transbrasil.

Functional Model

In February 2020, Neeleman expressed that the airline would be known as the “World’s Nicest Airline.” The airline had initially planned to begin operations sometime in 2020 as an acquisition of Compass Airlines. The launch was later pushed back by founder David Neeleman to 2021, with the acquisition being canceled. Breeze professes that it wants to offer a low-cost product – but says it also plans to provide a first-class product, so it will not be operating an actual low-cost carrier (LCC) model. The airline won’t have seatback entertainment but will have streaming entertainment and Wi-Fi (the airline has said that Wi-Fi may be free, but we’ll see). Breeze Airways will eventually have first-class, and the type of seats may vary based on the route; the airline may offer standard first-class seats on some routes and flatbed seats on other routes (it appears that this will apply to the A220s). Technology will be a big focus, and Neeleman has even described the business as “a technology company that happens to fly planes.”

A Breeze Airways Embraer E195 rendering.

Breeze Airways

Airline Routes

Breeze plans to offer point-to-point service between secondary airports in the U.S., between major cities that are not currently connected by direct flights. Initially, the airline will operate the domestic flight in the U.S. and only one International flight to Ontario, Canada. In the future, the airline will fly beyond that as well.


On July 17, 2018, Breeze signed a memorandum of understanding with Airbus for 60 A220-300 aircraft delivered from 2021. In January 2019, Breeze firmed up its order for the A220 aircraft. Breeze has agreed to sublease up to 30 Embraer E195 from Azul Brazilian Airlines to serve short-haul routes. However, the total number received depends on whether LOT Polish Airlines exercise its lease options.



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