Boeing submits software update to FAA for testing

      Boeing has come under fire recently for the two crashes of its relatively new 737 max jet. Both crashes were strikingly similar and both pointed to a problem with the aircrafts MCAS system (Maneuvering Characteristics Augmentation System). This system uses an Angle of attack sensor on the nose of the aircraft to recognize and recover from a high angle of attack and prevent the aircraft from a stall. It hasn’t been working to well as of lately as it gives false readings to the pilots and pushes the nose of the aircraft down even in normal climb position. 


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Since the last crash of the Ethiopian airlines max jet, the max has been ground worldwide pending further investigation and a software update from Boeing. Well Boeing has just submitted a software update to the FAA for further testing. The software update is supposedly going to fix the MCAS systems inaccurate readings. Airlines around the world have lost millions in profit by grounding the plane, which has been grounded for around 2 months now. It has caused airlines trouble in their schedules as they need to find new aircraft for the flights. You can bet the airlines operating the aircraft are eager to get their planes flying again. The big question is, do they trust them?only time will tell which airlines will continue to fly the jet. Airlines like Garuda Indonesia tried to cancel their order for the 737 max 8 after recent incidents.

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Just days ago Boeing announced that they knew about the MCAS problem but didn’t make an announcement to the pilots and airlines that fly the jet which is very concerning to future prospective customers of the jet. The FAA also came out and announced that they let Boeing certify their own jets as they don’t have enough man power to do it themselves. Is this a cause for concern?


The future looks dim for the new jet. Luckily the Boeing 787 has been the fastest selling jet as of late with Boeing pushing many off the flight line as of late. If Boeing wants to compete against the A320NEO they’ll have to come up with a solution quickly as many people are questioning Boeing’s business policy.



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