Delta Airlines 757 Comfort+ Review

Delta airlines is the second largest airline in the world carrying 180 million passengers world wide with a fleet size of 905 aircraft including 529 Boeing aircraft, 262 airbus aircraft, and 114 McDonnell Douglas airplanes.

Delta is apart of the SkyTeam alliance along with airlines like KLM,Air France, Korean air and many more… Today they’ll be taking me to Atlanta, one of the worlds busiest airports filtering 107 million passengers through its seven terminals annually!

So let’s start from the beginning, when I arrived at the airport I was hoping to check out the Delta sky club here in Boston even though I was only in Comfort plus as I am a Delta gold Mastercard holder. Unfortunately I didn’t have the time to head to the sky club because boarding was in 30 minutes. I’ll make sure to show you guys next time, I promise! When I got to the gate our aircraft had already arrived on a flight from SFO earlier this morning.

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It was time for boarding and I was booked in comfort plus which included early boarding and extra legroom at all seats. I must say the seat was amazingly comfortable especially with the adjustable headrest. Due to the extra legroom Delta made the IFE screens fold up from beside the seat which I thought was a fantastic idea so your not straining your eye’s to view the screen. One thing about Delta flight attendants is they are awesome! A family of three had to run onto the plane after arriving late and a flight attendant noticed they were out of breathe and gave them all a water before push back. I’m only highlighting this because I haven’t seen this extremely thoughtful service on the other US carriers I have tried.
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After all the boarding classes were complete it was time to start our 2:45 Hr journey to Atlanta, One I was extremely excited about. I’ve flown Delta a few times now but this was my first chance to try out comfort plus and their Boeing 757. We left the gate on time and it was a relatively short taxi out of Boston from terminal A to Runway 09 where we would depart today. As we departed I got a wonderful view of those PW2037 engines roar to life as we corralled down the runway and into the gloomy soup above Boston.
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Once up at our cruising altitude of 34,000 ft, it was time to check out the features onboard in my comfort plus seat. So as stated before I did have an IFE screen but unfortunately it wasn’t folding up for some reason. I tried many times with no luck so I just left it. Luckily Delta does offer WiFi on all of their flights. You have a few options through their Gogo in-flight WiFi but I chose the free hour because my mobile provider is T-mobile. Don’t worry though, Delta is testing out new free in-flight WiFi on 50 domestic flights a day for everyone on board!

While scrolling through my news feed a flight attendant came around offering headphones,pillows, and blankets as well as complimentary beverages and snacks. There were the standard pretzels, cookies, and cheez-it snacks available and for drinks they offered a decent selection of alcoholic beverages, Water, and the ever so famous Coca Cola products. Both were fresh and enjoyable.

After the service was over I decided to relax in my seat for awhile before it was time for landing. Now would be a good time to look over the seat. I was in 6A which is a Comfort plus seat. The seat is 17.3 inches in width with a pitch of 34 inches. The seat offers WiFi, Multi outlet charging port, along with a standard power outlet, IFE screens, and satellite capability. These made for a really smooth and comfortable flight, I highly recommend checking out Comfort+ next time you fly Delta.


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All good things must come to an end, as does this flight… Shortly after I started relaxing it was time for descent into Atlanta. It was a relatively uneventful descent as the flight attendants cleaned up the cabin and the captain made his PA announcement. Before I knew it we were on the ground and taxiing to the domestic terminal south. We were a few minutes ahead of schedule so I would be able to catch my connecting flight which was ironically departing from the gate right next to us.


Overall experience: Delta gets a A- for this flight as it was an amazing flight from start to finish. The cabin crew were fantastic and the seat was amazing. I highly recommend Delta to anyone who is looking to travel here in the US or even to one of their 325 destinations around the world! They would receive a solid A or even A+ if the IFE was working but unfortunately it was not. Thank you to Delta airlines for yet another amazing flight!

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