Earlier an announcement was made by Bengaluru International Airport Limited that Bengaluru’s Main Airport, Kempegowda International Airport, has attained and remained Energy-Neutral status since December 2020. This achievement has in part been attributed to the Airport’s recently renovated runway (south side) being the first Airfield in India to have a lighting system powered by LEDs.

By definition, Energy-Neutral means that the Airport has been able to offset the carbon footprints that their operations emit into the atmosphere by saving energy via other means. A statement from Bengaluru International Airport Limited said, “As part of its sustainability goals, BIAL has set the target to become Net Energy Neutral by 2020-21. As an outcome of energy conservation, BIAL has been able to save nearly 22,000,000 units of energy in the financial year 2020-21, enough to power nearly 9,000 houses for a month.”

Glorious Green Effect | © Kempegowda International Airport
Glorious Green Effect | © Kempegowda International Airport

Renewable Resources & Energy Optimization at The Heart Of Success

Amidst Green Initiatives, there has been the implementation of solar lighting and a solar water heating system, the latter in turn ensuring that the Airport’s restaurants and bars reduce energy consumption. Furthermore, Bengaluru International Airport Limited has signed agreements with a plethora of wind energy suppliers, resulting in the production of 20 million units of wind energy to go with in excess of 50 million units of solar energy consumption.

The CEO of Bengaluru Airport International Limited indicates that energy efficiency is the bedrock of the Airport’s future operations. He said: “As we expand our operations at Bengaluru Airport, we aim to remain the flagbearer of sustainable operations. We have put in place various measures to reduce the carbon footprint and protect our environment. Energy security is an important aspect of our business as it is one of the key indicators to assess our sustainability levels.”

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