Bengaluru’s Kempegowda International Airport has become a key epicentre in the city’s battle against Covid-19. Indeed, Fairfax India Holdings Corporation, who are a key stakeholder in showcasing the Airport, have funded the implementation of [email protected]. This consists of 150 oxygenated beds to assist patients with mild hypoxia, which in turn is key in treating patients with Covid-19 symptoms. Importantly, the beds will be available for operational use as soon as Tuesday 18th May 2021.

Hospital Beds
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Big Project, Big Funding

The Fairfax India Holdings Corporation via its subsidiary of Fairfax Financial Holdings Limited, has put forward funds of US $5 Million to assist India in managing the Covid-19 pandemic. The facility will be located a stone-throw away from the Airport’s Cargo Terminals. It will provide patients suffering with oxygen deprivation the needful oxygen supply in the interim, until they are able to be admitted to a mainstream hospital to receive the full course of treatment for their condition.

Furthermore, the [email protected] facility will have round the clock emergency services available, a pharmacy and pathology unit. It is also important to note, that the facility will have technical support from notable names in the local medical industry, such as Dr. Naresh Shetty.

Prem Watsa, Chairman and CEO of Fairfax Financial Holdings Limited gave a very affirmative message of his organisation’s intentions to help India fight the Covid-19 pandemic. He said, “We are saddened by the current crisis in India resulting from the Covid-19 pandemic. Fairfax wishes to assist India in traversing this incredibly difficult time and are hopeful that our commitment will provide some relief to India and its health-care system.”

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