Azul Cargo Express, which is Brazil’s largest airline in terms of departures and routes, has become the first airline in the world to introduce a Class-F freighter aircraft.

Azul Cargo Express E195AR Aircraft © Azul
Azul Cargo Express E195AR Aircraft © Azul

What is a Class F?

The use of thermal fire detection camera systems in the aircraft and heat and fire-resistant containers means cargo is allowed to be placed in the cabin. Azul Cargo Express teamed up with LHColus Tecnologia and developed this innovative aircraft, from original design to concept proof, test flights, and 8 ground smoke barrier tests. The Embraer E195AR, which is a 100-124 passenger aircraft, was converted to a Class F and received its official aircraft certificate on 1st February 2022.

Who is Azul Cargo?

Azul Cargo Express has hundreds of stores across Latin America and serves over 3,500 municipalities. The carrier started operating in December 2008 and has since been named the fastest-growing airline in Brazil, now operating 792 flights per day, making it the third-largest airline in the country. They pride themselves on their “superior customer experience”, regular and consistent deliveries, and offer many services, including; guaranteed timeframe and door-to-door express deliveries.
Azul has also committed to having a net-zero carbon emission by 2045.


Azul Route Map © Azul
Azul Route Map © Azul

Azul’s Chief Revenue Officer, Abhi Shah, stated

“Azul has helped to double the size of the Brazilian aviation market over the last thirteen years. A key driver of that growth was the E1. Today with the launch of the world’s first Embraer Class F freighter we again aim to transform the Brazilian market, this time in logistics. With unmatched operational flexibility, reliability, and access to varied airport infrastructure, the E1 Class F is the perfect platform to deliver a competitive advantage to our logistics customers.”

Who do you think will be next to use Class F Aircrafts? Let us know in the comments below!


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