Around the World in September

Worldwide Trip Activities in September

Are you’re looking for ideas for a September holiday? Here are some suggestions of things to do around the world in September. This article is about the best countries to visit in September and excursions to do while you there.

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September Holiday Ideas

Another calendar page turns over, schools go back and holiday destinations are far less crowded. If you live in Northern Europe, there’s no better reason to travel and make the most of the late summer warmth before the darker nights come calling. But holidays are always better when you have a plan. This article gives you some idea of what you can do around the world in September!

The Best things to do around the world in September

From food and drink festivals in Atlantic Canada to humpback whale spotting in French Polynesia, now is the time to start planning your September trip, whether for this year or next.

Worldwide September Food and Drink Festivals

Eating and drinking is a good enough reason for a holiday. Here are some ideas of food and drink festivals taking place around the world in September annually.

Prince Edward Island International Shell Festival

This world-famous celebration of shellfish takes place in Charlottetown, Atlantic Canada between 13th and 16th September 2019 inclusive.

around the world in september oysters
Oyster and Shellfish lovers

This food festival is all about oysters, lobsters and mussels, clams and scallops. Expect everything from cooking demonstrations and competitions to night-time kitchen parties.
You can meet chefs and successful restauranteurs from across North America and see world champion oyster shuckers in action.  Up and coming chefs from the region of Atlantic Canada are here too.
See more about Prince Edward International Shell Festival

Where exactly is Charlottetown?
prince edward island
Prince Edward Island, Atlantic Canada where Charlottestown lies.

Charlottetown is the capital and largest city of Prince Edward island. Prince Edward Island is in turn one of the four provinces that comprise Atlantic Canada. The waters  surrounding these Atlantic provinces are famous for shellfish, especially around Nova Scotia and Prince Edward Island.

How to get to Charlottetown

Charlottetown has it’s own airport which you can fly to. A flight from Toronto to Charlottetown takes around 2 hours flying with either Air Canada or West.jet

Drive the 12 kilometres onward journey from the airport across the confederation bridge.
Otherwise you can take a ferry ride from Nova Scotia to Prince Edward Island.


This beer come folk festival is the world’s largest of it’s kind and is celebrated in tents in the Bavarian town of Munich, Germany. This is a large-scale event that attract over 5 million annually to it.
The name ‘Oktoberfest’ is a bit misleading because this celebration actually begins on Saturday September 21st 2019. It does continues to the first weekend of October, finishing on Sunday 6th October in 2019.

waiter carrying beer at oktoberfest
Oktoberfest, German beer and food festival, Munich

Other than drinking copious amounts of beer (wine is also available), there’s traditional German food, as well as parades, music, dancing and a funfair. Over 300 musicians and folk dancers take part in Oktoberfest. Be sure to wear your lederhosen if you go!
For more information about travel to and around Munich and all things Oktoberfest, see the official website
TOP TIP: If you do go, download the ‘MGV Fahrinfo'(travel information) while you’re there. It will help you navigate your way round Munich with ease.

History in Italy

Italy is a great country to visit in September. Especially Southern Italy. The heat is less intense and the summer crowds have dispersed.
Italy is a country that is steeped in history. Some of Italy’s most interesting history belongs to Pompeii in the South of the country due to the eruption of Mount Vesuvius in 79 AD. Following the eruption, Pompeii was buried under a blanket of volcanic ash. Tourists visiting Pompeii can see the well preserved archaeological remains of the town.

pompeii preserved remains
Preserved archaeological remains at Pompeii
Archaeological Remains

Archaeological digs in Pompeii have taken place over the years in this otherwise undisturbed site. The most interesting exhibits are on display in visitor centres.

Accommodation at Naples or Sorrento
overlooking colourful town of naples
Naples, Italy

Naples is 50 kilometres north of Pompeii, which is about an hours drive or bus ride away. 50 kilometres south of Pompeii is Sorrento. Either Naples or Sorrento make good accommodation bases for an excursion to Pompeii.
Find out more about Pompeii excursions and getting there.

Worldwide Sport in September

From Spectator to participation sports, there is plenty going on around the world in September for sports fans.
For instance, there’s the Grand Prix in Singapore on 22nd September. Cricket fans can see ‘The Ashes’ England vs. Australia live at The Oval, Kennington, London 12th-16th September.

IAAF Athletics World Championships

tartan athletic track

How about a holiday in Doha, the capital city of the state of Qatar? The IAAF (International Association of Athletics Federations) world championships begin on 28th September and last for the best part of 2 weeks. You can see the world’s best competing against each other in track and field events. Also there are cross country races and the world marathon championships.

doha Qatar
Doha, Westbay, Qatar

There are two websites you will find useful if you want to find out more about these championships and how to get there:
Doha 2019 and
The official IAAF Partner

Being a Tourist in Doha

Doha is on the Gulf of the Persian coast. Bucket loads of money is being pumped into construction work in Doha. According to Forbes, Doha is the richest country in the world per capita (per head). Costs to Eat out can come as a shock. Be prepared before you go.

Doha Excursion

Horses are loved and revered here. Do a tour of The Al Shaqab equestrian centre and learn about the race horse breeding programme. See the animals’ supreme teaining and living conditions. Prepare to be amazed at this bling mansion for horses!

Participation Sport

Are you looking to be actively involved in Sport this September? Do the Greenwich Park 5 or 10 kilometre road running event on Saturday 14th September 2019. Get photos of the London skyline after the race from the top of Greenwich park. And then drop down to the bottom of the park to visit the Royal Observatory or the Greenwich National Maritime Museum.

green london space greenwich park
Looking down from the top of Greenwich Park

Greenwich Park Road Race Entry is still available. If by the time you enter it is full up, there are other events for September on the same website.

Nature Around the World in September

Spot humpback Whales in warm waters around the world in September.
French Polynesia is a country attached to France which is made up of a set of islands. The French Polynesian Islands are one of the best places for whale watching in September. Because by November, the rains have usually set in.
Bora Bora, Mo’orea and Tahiti are the better known islands comprising French Polynesia. There are a total of 118 of them, each one unique. The archipelago of islands cover an area larger than the whole of Europe. They lie in the South Pacific ocean below the Equator, half way between California and Australia.

Ideal Conditions for Whales

The warm waters around the island of Mo’orea give you the best chance of spotting the humpback whales. The water temperature and visibility in September close to this island are perfect. If you are diving in this area you sometimes here the whales calling.

waters around moorea french polynesia

Getting to the French Polynesian Islands

Best start planning now for next September as this is a round the world trip! That’s if you’re travelling from the Northern Hemisphere of the globe. This holiday involves careful coordination and several stop offs.
It will be a lifetime experience though because you can stop off and explore Hong Kong and Sydney.
Papeete in Tahiti is the final airport destination if you choose to fly, with a ferry ride to the islands as the final stage of the trip.
Or why not take a cruise of the French Polynesian Islands?

warm waters surrounding french polynesia
The warm waters surrounding Moorea, an island of French Polynesia
Whale watching in South Africa

The small South Africa town of Hermanus is an area of natural unspoilt beauty. It’s on the Western cape of South Africa about 90 miles from Cape Town. Search Flights to Cape Town

Hermanus: Top Whale Watching Location
humpback whale
The Humpback Whale

Expect company in terms of other tourists as well as the whales. Hermanus is a famous Whale-haunt at this time of year and a great place for whale photo ops. Find your spot along the cliff path that goes East from the new harbour of Hermanus. Whales come close enough to the shore to not have to go out to sea to spot them. Naturally there are several boat trips in the area if you prefer.

Rare Sighting of Humpback Whale in British Seas

STOP PRESS: There was a rare sighting of an endangered Humpback whale off the coast of Penzance, Cornwall, UK on 3rd August 2019. The waters were warm enough and clear enough to attract the species here this year which is almost unheard of in Britain! (Reported in The Metro on Tuesday 6th August 2019)

September Safari in South Africa

South Africa is a good country for a safari in September if you like warmer conditions. Spring officially comes to Cape town on the 1st September. It is the last month of the dry season here and the low season as far as tourism is concerned. Also in September there is less foliage so more chance of seeing your favourite animals rehydrating at waterholes.
The Kruger National Park within 3 kilometres of Cape town. You can see big game here.

Worldwide September Music

Scarborough is a quaint seaside town in the county of Yorkshire, UK. Are you going to Scarborough fair? (as the Simon and Garfunkel song asks) No, because Scarborough Fair became history in 1788 (although it did in face take place during the month of September).

Scarborough Jazz Festival
scarborough spa home of jazzfest
Scarborough Spa, North Yorkshire, home of September jazz festival

Instead you can take a trip to Scarborough’s annual jazz festival. Dates for 2019 are 20th-22nd September.
Big bands, jazz tribute acts, bands playing modern jazz and hip hop all offer a treat to music fans. This Jazz festival spreads across three evenings.

All That Jazz!

For serious jazz fans, this years performers include Jim Mullens, Alan Barnes and the Ray Charles project.
Want tickets? Visit The Scarborough Spa Website to get them and to see the full music festival schedule. Afternoon, day and weekend tickets are all available.
Or contact The Scarborough Spa box office on 01723 821888.

Proms in Hyde Park

Hosted by the British Broadcasting Cooperation (BBC), Proms in Hyde Park begins on Saturday 14th September 2019. The music is by no means confined to classical. Performers this year include The Lighthouse Family, Chrissie Hynde, and Gabrielle. In fact there are over 100 acts from the world of music including choirs and musical theatre.

Land of Hope and Glory
proms in Hyde park
The Grand Finale of Proms in Hyde Park

And despite all the current doom and gloom surrounding ‘the Brexit talks’, everyone will doubtless join together for a rendition of ‘Land and Hope and Glory’. Patriotic lot that we are! That’s on Sunday 15th (the final day) when the Hyde park event is linked with the more formal Albert Hall. Celebrations conclude with a firework display.

Getting to Proms in the Park

Nearest London Underground stations are Marble arch, Hyde Park Corner and Knightsbridge
See more about BBC Proms in the Park
All you need is a picnic, some friends to enjoy this annual event in this famous London Park near Marble Arch.

And just for Fun

Venice Regatta Storica
venetian gondalas
Venetian Gondalas

Takes place annually on the first Sunday of September. The Venice waterway becomes a vast array of colour with brightly painted gondolas taking part in the fun regatta.


So there you have it, five Activity categories to choose from in seven different countries. And a final one just for fun!

  1. EATING and DRINKING: in Atlantic CANADA or Beer Festival in Munich GERMANY.
  2. NATURE: Whale watching in FRENCH POLYNESIA or Safari in SOUTH AFRICA.
  3. HISTORY (with a cross-over into archaeology): in ITALY.
  4. MUSIC: Jazz Festival in Yorkshire or Proms in the Park, London UNITED KINGDOM.
  5. SPORT: World Athletics Championships in QATAR.

For more information on image authors visit Wikimedia Commons

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