Are COVID Checks Becoming a Thing of The Past in The UK?

As the UK tries to return to normality again, after the pandemic’s impact on the aviation industry, it seems the UK may be saying goodbye to COVID checks for certain passengers.

COVID Checks
Arriving in the UK? | © Belinda Fewings

Airports look to the future

Airports have been looking at ways to streamline security and COVID checks on departure and arrival to encourage people to travel again. Many travellers have been put off by the lengths of checks, process and waiting times, as well as quarantine restrictions and tests.

COVID Checks
Changes in the UK. | © Phil Mosley

COVID checks into the UK

Now, it has been reported, that airports might be waving goodbye to COVID checks for passengers entering the UK from countries listed on the traffic light system as ‘green’ or ‘amber’. Countries on these lists have certain restrictions and quarantine rules, which will get more restrictive as the colour gets closer to red.

Under current rules, those entering the UK must have proof of a negative COVID test before travelling, then they must take another test two days after arrival.

When is it happening?

COVID Checks
Restrictions change in the UK. | © Nick Fewings

These rules are supposed to be put in place on Monday, after the UK”s first weekend of freedom. This may be the UK’s attempt at boosting the tourism sector and encouraging people from around the world to come and visit again. Previously, many countries banned travel to and from the UK as cases in the country grew and new variants came.

However, this could be a huge step up for the travel industry, as more and more people in the UK book holidays abroad. Airlines have been increasing flights and opening new flight paths between the UK and Europe to keep up with the hopeful demand.

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