Airbus & StarLux as closing in on a deal for 17 A350’s

Airbus & Taiwan startup StarLux are closing in on a deal for an A350 order. The deal covers 12 A350-1000 and a further 5 of the smaller A350-900. Although a deal is close nothing is final and could still fall through. The A350 is Airbus’ most-successful wide-body aircraft and competes fiercely for with Boeing’s 787 Dreamliner and the upcoming 777X.

StarLux is founded by former Eva Airways Chairman Chang Kuo-wei. With the A350 the possibilities for StarLux are far and wide. Firstly the A350 boasts a spectacular range of up to 8,400 nautical miles. This buts every European and North American destination within reach from Taipei.

The battle of Farnborough Air Show.


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Both Boeing and Airbus set to announce a myriad of new orders at Farnborough air show. It’s going to be a battle of the two biggest aircraft manufacturers as to who steals the limelight. With the Airshow already underway and an action packed lineup competition will be as fierce as ever.

With Airbus already close to a deal with Malaysian Airline AirAsia, Boeing need something big to steal the show.




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