Air France B777-300 diverts following an engine issue

This Thursday, an Air France Boeing 777-300ER flying from Paris had to divert from its original destination due to an engine issue. 

The aircraft was scheduled to fly to São Paulo/Guarulhos International Airport in Guarulhos, Brazil. 

Further details 

The Air France service, registered AF454, departed from Paris Charles de Gaulle Airport on 21 July at 23:50 local time. 

The service was operated by a Boeing 777-300ER – Air France has a total of 42 of that particular Boeing aircraft in service, with only one in storage.

According to The Aviation Herald, trouble began approximately half an hour into the overnight flight. At that point the crew noted an engine oil leak and, as a result, made the executive decision to return to Charles de Gaulle Airport, which also acts as a hub for the French national carrier.

Paris Charles de Gaulle Airport
The home of Air France. | ©

The crew shut down the troublesome engine in question, lowered the aircraft’s altitude, and flew safely back to France’s capital city. The AF454 landed back at Paris Charles de Gaulle Airport at approximately 01:48 local time on 22 July, two hours after initial departure.

The aircraft is typically powered by two General Electric GE90 engines. At the time of writing, it has not been shared which engine of the two was affected by the oil leak. 

Of course, the affected passengers on board still wished to get to São Paulo. A replacement Boeing 777-300ER was provided and departed Charles de Gaulle at 11:48 local time. The passengers affected therefore experienced a lengthy delay of approximately 11 hours as they finally landed in São Paulo at 17:18 local time on 22 July. 

What are your experiences with Air France? Share (the good and bad!) with us in the comments below. 

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