Aeroflot order another 100 of the Russian made SSJ100.

Russia’s flag carrier Aeroflot has placed an order for 100 Sukhoi Superjet 100, The aircraft has a current price tag of up to $28 million USD, The short to medium range aircraft has a capacity of up to 108 passengers but Aeroflot has opted for a 2 class configuration of 12 business class seats and 75 economy.

The SSJ 100 is Russia’s competitor to the Airbus 220 and Embraer E jet series which has failed to really develop into a popular aircraft with only 169 built as of July 2018.

Aeroflot will receive its order starting from 2019 until 2026, an average of 14 per year, currently Aeroflot operates a total of 49 SSJ100.


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