Boeing have unveiled the first complete and assembled Boeing 777 X.  the aircraft was unveiled at the Boeing factory in Seattle Washington.  This comes as the world has been anticipating what the Boeing  777X would look like, as up till now there have just been CGI images of what the plane will look like.  The Boeing  777X will be the largest plane of its kind and will be the most fuel efficient of the 777 family.  It is set to replace the current Boeing  777-200, 777-200 ER and LR and the 777-300 ER.  There will be two variants the Boeing 777-8 and the Boeing  777-9.  The aircraft fuselage is made of aluminium  and wings are made from a super strong carbon fibre composite.  The Boeing 777X will have the largest wing span for a twin engine aircraft at 235 Feet and 5 inches.  The aircraft will be 12% more fuel efficient than Boeing rival the Airbus A350.  The fuel efficiency comes after the size of the wings will give the aircraft more lift compared to other aircraft on the market.  During testing the wings have proved they can flex an amazing 26 feet.  The two variants of the Boeing 777 X will be able to carry between 350 and 425 passgengers.  For the airlines that will purchase the Boeing 777 X it will cost them £295 Million.  There is a special process for manufacturing the wings, the carbon fibre is woven into the shape of the wings and boeing has special prassurised oven to bake the carbon fibre wings to ensure they fuse together.  The launch date for the aircraft is estimated to be 2020.  The aircraft that has been unveiled is a test aircraft to test the structural capabilities of the aircraft.   The first test flight is due in the first quarter of next year.  The aviation world cannot wait to see the aircraft flying and cannot wait to get this into service.  There is talk of the Australian Airline QANTAS buying them and they are planning of a route that will go from Perth western Australia to Los Angles.



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