British airway flight 103 from London Heathrow to Calgary has had to make an emergency landing inIqaluit Airport in Nunavut in Canada. The pilots smelling fumes that were entering the cockpit. The plane was 6 hours into the flight when the fumes started to enter the cabin and the cockpit.  The though is that the smell was an electrical fire burning which was creating the fumes.     Both pilots applied their oxygen masks as a precaution as the fumes may have been toxic.  This comes after a string of incidents with British airways 787-9 which have developed several faults of the past couple of years.  There are reports of one passenger needing medical attention due to the fumes also entering the cabin.  The passenger is reported to have received treatment for arm and chest pains.  Upon landing the aircraft was surrounded by emergency vehicles. The flight was completely fine when it departed Heathrow at  18:30 with no reports of any technical or mechanical issues.  British airways are quoted to have said ‘the safety of their crew and passengers onboard is of paramount importance and the crew responded excellently to the incident and praise the pilots for their decision to make the emergency landing.  The incident will be fully investigated in find the cause of what happened.

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