A Return Journey By British Airways

Due to the impact of Covid, it was mostly by mid-2022 that most people started to journey by British Airways as well as other airlines to many countries. Travel during Covid was, at best heavily restricted and it caused considerable problems for airlines’ financial bottom lines. I was one of those travellers who chose to travel only within the UK until this year when I finally yielded and went with my parents last week (the last week in June 2023) to Thessaloniki in Greece. My parents had a head start in travelling abroad having travelled a lot during the past year and more. So for me, this was the first time that I had an opportunity to experience air travel since Covid. In addition, it was interesting to journey by British Airways, particularly since I have been chronicling the progress of its parent company’s (IAG) finances since restrictions have been lifted. As we know, the airline’s finances have improved overall since Covid, and it was interesting to experience the airline first-hand since Covid.

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British Airways is back in the black in terms of profitability © Andrea Ongaro / Travel Radar

Outbound Flight

At London Gatwick, where we travelled from, the airport appeared to be well-staffed and had none of the issues associated with the travel chaos which occurred shortly after restrictions were lifted. In addition, Covid restrictions were largely relaxed with few people wearing Covid masks and no Covid information or details required by airport staff. It appears that management accounting principles are being applied by the airline industry, with only our passports needed in order to check-in. Management accounting principles promote the idea of only relevant information being requested in order to speed up operations (the provision of services and activities, in this case, the speeding up of checking in). This was good to see as it would also help reduce the potential spread of Covid with the processing of needless bits of paper being avoided.

The process of checking in went very smoothly. Then onward to the British Airways lounge, which we were fortunate to have access to as my parents were frequent flyers. The seats were comfortable, and the buffet breakfast served there was sumptuous, with everything you would expect from a Full English Breakfast and, in addition, an impressive array of bread, croissants, fruit, yoghurt, cereals and drinks. The only curiosity was the fact that the plates given at the buffet were rather small.

On board the flight, the journey by British Airways was comfortable. The airline did not offer a complimentary meal on board, as is the case with many airlines nowadays for short flights. However it did offer a free glass of water and Kellogg’s Breakfast bar. It is however possible to buy food on board through the British Airways onboard catalogue. The flight went smoothly and we arrived in Greece without delay.

Return Flight

The return journey by British Airways was just as comfortable. However, the British Airways lounge at Thessaloniki Airport was far less resourced than the lounge at London Gatwick. There was no hot buffet for supper (as our return flight was late), and there was only a selection of a few sandwiches on offer. There was, however, a good drinks selection. Perhaps the lack of food options suggests an opportunity for British Airways to improve its service.

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Souvenirs from the British Airways airport lounge in Thessaloniki, Greece! © Amuthan Chandrarajan

All in all, the journey by British Airways was smooth and comfortable. I was particularly impressed with the British Airways lounge at London Gatwick. It is my hope that all British Airways lounges are brought to a similar standard.

Have you travelled with British Airways? How was the Journey? Please share with us in the comments.

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