6629065 - Travel Radar - Aviation NewsOn Saturday, August 4, a collector’s military plane crashed into the mountains in eastern Switzerland. Unfortunately, all on board are have been reported as dead.

Just before 5 pm, the aircraft struck a rock face at Piz Segnas, at an altitude of 2,540 meters. The aircraft, a Junkers JU52 HB-HOT, built in 1939 in Germany, belonged to the company JU-Air.

ac9961c o1cjewFxGliEZbS1WTD1Rlb - Travel Radar - Aviation NewsAccording to a witness interviewed by the 20 Minutes newspaper, the plane turned 180 degrees to the south and fell like a stone to the ground.

The police said they had not received any distress calls and had not yet determined the causes of the incident. Forensic investigations, which will be complicated by the lack of a “black box” on board the aircraft, could take a few days.

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