Jet Airways Boeing 737-800 had started its takeoff run on taxiway K, before rejecting and ending up on the sand beside the runway.  The aircraft registered as VT-JFS was performing flight 9W-523 from Riyadh (Saudi Arabia) to Mumbai (India). The aircraft had 141 passengers and 7 crew onboard.

The crew were cleared for takeoff from Riyadh’s runway 33R at about 00:20L (21:20Z). They lined the aircraft on taxiway K and commenced takeoff. When the aircraft rejected the takeoff, the aircraft veered right off the taxiway and came to a stop on soft ground. Which was about 2400 meters down the runway near taxiway G4. An evacuation of the aircraft took place. Engineers are assessing the extent of the damage to the aircraft. There are no reports of any injuries.

It was reported by Jet Airways that the aircraft rejected takeoff and departed the runway, everybody was evacuated. Above all, there were no injuries. The passengers were accommodated in the airport’s terminal building. Local Authorities are investigating the occurrence.

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India’s Media have claimed the airline filed a report with the DGCA India that the crew rejected the takeoff due to them seeing an object on the runway.

On Aug 5th 2018 Saudi Arabia’s AIB reported in a press release: “Initial factual information confirm that the aircraft attempted the takeoff from taxiway (K), parallel to the designated Runway (R33). Visibility was high and no obstacles or FOD were on the taxiway. The aircraft accelerated with full takeoff power and exceeded the taxiway onto unpaved area ending up close to the exit of taxiway (G4) north of taxiway (K).”

According to some sources, the aerodrome chart released by AIP Saudi Arabia does not show taxiway K at the airport. Consequently, this may have influenced the crews reasoning behind lining up on this taxiway which is parallel to runway 33R.


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