Young Planespotter Blasted At Skiathos Airport

A boy has been injured after he was blasted almost 10 metres through the air by the engine of a passenger jet at Skiathos Airport on the greek island Skiathos.

The British boy, aged 12, was standing next to a fence at Skiathos Airport planespotting, a common gathering place for crowds to watch planes take off and land, when the indcident took place.

A TUI plane took off bound for London with the Rolls Royve engines sending the boy flying about 10 metres into the air before he came to land on the sand.

He was taken to a nearby medical centre for emergency treatment before being transferred to Achilopouleio Hospital in Volos.

The Sun reported medics claimed the incident could have turned deadly if the boy had landed on another surface. The boy was holidaying in Greece with his dad.

Thousands of plane-spotting tourists each year gather outside Skiathos Airport to experience the blast of the jet turbines as the aircraft fly low overhead.

Despite the airport’s short and narrow runway, the island serves large commercial jets, with airlines requiring pilots to have extra training to manage the unique landing on the island.

Do you think safety precautions should be brought into effect after this incident?

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