World Chocolate Day: Emirates Pampers Passengers with 40 Million Chocolates Annually

In celebration of World Chocolate Day on July 7th, the renowned airline Emirates has announced that it serves over 40 million pieces of gourmet chocolate to passengers onboard its flights each year across all classes.

Recognising the universal appeal of chocolate, Emirates reveals that it carefully curates a delectable selection of artisan chocolates to enhance the in-flight dining experience for its passengers.

These sweet treats are served on flights across 140 destinations worldwide. Over the past year, a staggering 35 million chocolate delights have been served in economy class, with premium economy class passengers indulging in more than 160,000 chocolates since its launch in June 2022.

Business and first-class passengers have savoured 4 million pairs of chocolates. To add to the premium experience, Emirates introduced large gourmet chocolate boxes to its first-class cabins in December 2022. These boxes have been immensely popular, with more than 36,000 boxes enjoyed by passengers in the last six months alone.

Premium Chocolate Selections from Around the Globe

Emirates takes great pride in collaborating with renowned connoisseur chocolatiers from around the world. Some of the prestigious brands include Bateel, Coco Jalila, and Forrey & Galland from the UAE, Godiva from Belgium, Valrhona from France, Butlers from Ireland, Canonica and Neuhaus from Switzerland, Pacari from Ecuador, and Hotel Chocolat from the UK.

These chocolate brands are meticulously chosen based on various factors, such as the type of chocolate (dark, milk, or white), the assortment of flavours (bonbons, pralines, or truffles), and the taste and texture. The selection also considers brand recognition, current trends, sustainability, and the “Instagrammability” factor. Each handpicked chocolate brand is featured on board for at least three months, after which a new selection is introduced, ensuring frequent flyers are always delighted with new options.

Indulging in Chocolate Delights Throughout the Journey

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Passengers across all classes can satisfy their chocolate cravings with chocolate desserts and hot chocolate offerings from the in-flight menu. Among the favourites are the decadent molten chocolate cake, a first-class delight, and the silky-smooth milk chocolate mousse, specially crafted for young travellers.

On longer flights, chocolate candy bars are served as part of a snack tray, while children receive chocolate lollipops during festive celebrations. For those travelling on the iconic Emirates A380, the onboard lounge offers an array of sweet treats, including vegan and non-vegan options like M&Ms, chocolate cake, and chocolate mini treats.

Chocolate remains a prominent feature in Emirates lounges, where passengers can relish homemade chocolate ice cream from the classic ice cream cart. The lounges also serve signature creamy hot chocolate from Costa Coffee and various creative chocolate desserts prepared by Emirates master chefs. These desserts include a white chocolate raspberry delight with luscious raspberry jelly, indulgent dark chocolate salted caramel tarts, fruity white chocolate passionfruit cheesecake, and decadent chocolate truffles.

About World Chocolate Day

people sharing a box of chololate
World Chocolate Day is celebrated on July 7th each year © Budgeron Bach on Pexels

World Chocolate Day is celebrated on July 7th each year and is a delightful occasion dedicated to one of the world’s most beloved treats – chocolate. This annual celebration allows chocolate enthusiasts and confectioners worldwide to unite and pay homage to this decadent delight.

The origins can be traced back to the introduction of chocolate to Europe in the 16th century. The significance of World Chocolate Day goes beyond indulging in the sweet pleasure of chocolate. It serves as a platform to celebrate chocolates’ rich history, cultural significance, and craftsmanship.

It also highlights the diverse range of flavours, textures, and creative applications that chocolate offers, making it an essential ingredient in countless desserts, beverages, and culinary masterpieces.

During this auspicious occasion, Emirates’ Master Chefs craft exquisite desserts such as chocolate and pecan gateaux, 85 per cent Abinao chocolate cremeux, pecan praline, Sacher sponge, spiced milk ice cream, and dulcey chocolate, known for its unique blond and biscuity flavour.

A special chocolate-focused dessert awaits guests at Emirates first-class lounges in Dubai to mark this year’s celebration. They will be treated to a rich chocolate extravaganza featuring 64 per cent Manjari dark chocolate.

Have you had the opportunity to taste the delectable chocolate offered on board Emirates? We would love to hear about your experience in the comments below. 

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