Why Lufthansa is the best long-haul airline for a productive flight

Many travelers are happy enough to catch some shut-eye on a flight; others prefer to bring their office to the skies. And, unless you purchase an extortionate business or first-class ticket, flying whilst sending emails, finishing reports, or submitting essays is no easy task. Fortunately, some airlines are a little more welcoming to keyboard-smashing travelers than are others.

Typically, what differentiates those airlines, apart from their excellent customer service, is the availability of fast and affordable Wi-Fi. Secondly, a connections hub that has a calm and tranquil working environment. In both these criteria, Lufthansa meets, if not exceeds, the mark.  

In the Skies  

As established above, apart from basic cleanliness and comfort, smooth access to Wi-Fi is crucial for any working traveler. Worth mentioning, however, that nobody is expecting laser-fast speeds in the stratosphere. Ostensibly, you will not be signing the “biggest merger in history” or making a million dollars whilst cruising above the skies. As a result, any bandwidth enough to read and send emails or messages throughout the flight’s citation is enough to do the trick. So far, Lufthansa airline meets the mark here and provides WiFi on short, medium, and long-haul flights. 

However, timelimited WiFi that lasts only thirty minutes with every purchase is a busy person’s worst nightmare. (Yes, thanks, British Airways). However, Lufthansa’s FlyNet system seems to be aware of that and instead offers a WiFi package that lasts for the entire flight duration. From experience, it is straightforward to sign up to and reliably lasts the flight from take-off to touchdown. The text message from the boss reaches the clouds, and the email falls back to the ground – Job done.  

Photo Credit: Matti Blume via Wiki Commons

On the Ground 

But, not so fast. On any Lufthansa airline flight, you will likely be connecting at their hub; Frankfurt is Main Airport. And, since a large portion of long-haul journeys is flown on connection flights, the connection hub facilities are vital, if not more important, than those on the flight itself. Because a brief layover presents an ideal opportunity to find some personal space, grab a coffee, refresh, and then put your head down as you rattle through your next task.  

However, with Frankfurt am Main Airport as Lufthansa’s hub, your layover couldn’t be in a much better place.  

In its terminals, is offered what they term as “Work and Connect benches, which are fully kitted up with comfortable chairs, charging facilities, and great views of the airport’s parking bays. What’s more, if you’re willing to spare some extra cash, you can find access to Lufthansa’s business class lounges for only a modest fee. (No more than 25 EUR during the pandemic era!). Expectedly, the lounges have unbeatable facilities for deep work, featuring a good mix of office desks, high-chairs, and reclining sofas for a little stretch. Since the facilities are a boon to many senior professionals, you will be in some “elite company” once you enter the lounge.  

With a decent variety of coffee shops and cafes dotted across the terminal, you will find no shortage of refreshments and caffeine fixes to recharge your busy brain cells. To top it all off, the main terminal in current operation also has a rooftop terrace, perfect for catching some fresh air and enjoying the view of Lufthansa’s handsome liveries.  

And, more pertinent today than ever, Lufthansa’s competitive travel insurance packages are more likely to come to your rescue, should your journey ever face a roadblock.

In other words, if your workaholic nerves can’t wait till you reach your destination, then you can’t go wrong with choosing Lufthansa. From the perspective of a freelance writer and travel blogger, who can never let go of his iPadit receives an emphatic thumbs-up! 

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